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The aim of LIFE ADULT is to find out more about common diseases such as cancer, diabetes or cardiovascular diseases. In Germany, many people are affected by these diseases - and more are being diagnosed every day. The everyday life and quality of life of those affected, but also of their relatives, are often severely impaired. With this research, this epidemiological study hopes to obtain answers to a wide variety of questions.

This population-based study examined 10,000 participants randomly selected from the Leipzig population (2011 to 2014). A follow-up is to be carried out from 2017 - 2020. The study mainly included people aged between 40 and 79. All participants underwent a 6-hour study program and people over 60 years of age were invited two more times to in-depth study of cognition and depression and the brain (MRI, EEG). Extensive measurements of genome, metabolome and transcriptome are available. The LIFE-ADULT study is characterized by a special depth of investigation. More than 100 evaluation projects are currently in progress.

Health Atlas - Local Data Hub/Leipzig PALs: Markus Löffler

Project Coordinators: Christian Sander

Project start date: 1st Jan 2009

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