Fundus photography as tool for analysis of eyes of subjects with diabetes


To improve medical management of subjects with diabetes

Historic retinal images of subjects with diabetes are scanned and analysed using modern technology. The accuracy of the methods and the usefulness of the findings in the long-term are in the focus. University of Oulu, Department of Ophthalmology/PEDEGO Research Unit 194/2006

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Funding codes:
  • Duodecim Oulu grant from the Oulu Duodecim Society
  • Pohjois-Suomen terveydenhuollon tukisäätiö from Northern and Central Ostrobothnia provinces in Finland
  • Center for International Mobility Fellowship by the Government of Finland and Helvi HakulinenSipilä and Eino Sipilä Fund of the Oulu University scholarship Foundation (grant number TM-15-9750)
  • i:DSem - Integrative data semantics in systems medicine (grant number 031L0026)

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Human Diseases: Diabetic retinopathy

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Project created: 25th Mar 2021

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