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oposSOM is a comprehensive, machine learning based open-source data analysis software combining functionalities such as diversity analyses, biomarker selection, function mining, and visualization. These functionalities are now available as interactive web-browser application for a broader user audience interested in extracting detailed information from high-throughput omics data sets pre-processed by oposSOM. It enables interactive browsing of single-gene and gene set profiles, of molecular ...

Creator: Henry Löffler-Wirth

Submitter: René Hänsel

The TOP Framework enables users to model phenotypes according to the Core Ontology of Phenotypes. It also includes a custom reasoning engine and query service for classification of individual data and searching in data repositories (e.g., Health Data Stores).

Creators: Christoph Beger, Alexandr Uciteli, Franz Matthies

Submitter: Christoph Beger

No description specified

Creator: Christina Lohr

Submitter: Christina Lohr

Age-stratified numbers of COVID-19 testpositives and deaths

This work was done as part of the NFDI4Health Task Force COVID-19 ( We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) – Project Number 451265285.

Creators: Holger Kirsten, René Hänsel

Submitter: René Hänsel

Introduction On this homepage we provide a web-based tool to calculate prognostic scores on haematopoietic toxicity for 6 cycles CHOP-like regimen in patients with aggressive NHL. As we used for this analysis the data collected within the NHL-B1 and NHL-B2 trials of the DSHNHL as described in detail in Pfreundschuh et al. the predictions are valid for similar patient populations.

Description We offer two types of models. Pre-treatment models include beside the therapy regimen only prognostic ...

Creator: Marita Ziepert

Submitter: René Hänsel

Large scale epidemiological studies, such as LIFE-ADULT, including thousands of participants with a multitude of novel QT assessments allow to define reference values. Reference values are typically used in quality control to find outliers in a specified data volume or to evaluate a given measurement value regarding its pathologic value. Measuring the hand grip strength is a standard assessment in LIFE, for which is no or little prior knowledge regarding reference values available.

Based on the ...

Creator: Toralf Kirsten

Submitter: René Hänsel

Implementation of recently developed dynamic mathematical models of normal and leukemic hematopoiesis to practically impact clinical decision- making.

Fitting available individual patients information, prediction of next-cycle thrombopenia caused by CHOEP treatment based on the individual fits of the preceeding treatment cycles, changing next-cycle relative dosing, posponement of the next cycle, changing follow-up period, visualization of data and simulation

Creator: Markus Scholz

Submitter: René Hänsel

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