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The platform is intended for visualization of expression- and mutation-driven changes in biological pathway activities in cancer datasets available in ICGC. The impact of somatic mutations on protein-protein interactions were calculated using Mechismo. Overall activity of biological pathway was evaluated using Pathway Signal Flow algorithm. The application provides interactive heatmaps for pathway output sink node activities and pathway images with mapped affected interactions and output node ...

Creators: Hans Binder, Siras Hakobyan

Submitter: Christoph Beger

A principled approach to parametrize SIR-type epidemiologic models of different complexities by embedding the model structure as a hidden layer into a general Input-Output Non-Linear Dynamical System (IO-NLDS). Non-explicitly modelled impacts on the system are imposed as inputs of the system. Observable data are coupled to hidden states of the model by appropriate data models considering possible biases of the data. We estimate model parameters including their time-dependence by a Bayesian knowledge ...

Creators: Markus Scholz, Holger Kirsten, Yuri Kheifetz

Submitter: Holger Kirsten

The General Formal Ontology is a top-level ontology for conceptual modeling. It includes elaborations of categories like objects, processes, time and space, properties, relations, roles, functions, facts, and situations.

Creators: Heinrich Herre, B. Heller, P. Burek, R. Hoehndorf, F. Loebe, H. Michalek

Submitter: Christoph Beger

No description specified

Creator: Thomas Peschel

Submitter: Thomas Peschel

Age-stratified numbers of COVID-19 testpositives and deaths

This work was done as part of the NFDI4Health Task Force COVID-19 ( We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) – Project Number 451265285.

Creators: Holger Kirsten, René Hänsel

Submitter: René Hänsel

The LHA Body typer is an interactive app that enables interested users to determine their body type by manual measuring of few body lengths and girths. Additionally, data derived from body scanner devices can be uploaded for automatic body type annotation with regard to the body shapes identified in the Leipzig population.

Creator: Henry Löffler-Wirth

Submitter: Henry Löffler-Wirth

The PanCancer Browser is a web application for the interactive comparison of molecular landscapes of different cancers provided by the oposSOM analysis pipeline. It complements the single data set-centered browsing tool oposSOM-Browser.

Creator: Henry Löffler-Wirth

Submitter: Henry Löffler-Wirth

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