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oposSOM is a comprehensive, machine learning based open-source data analysis software combining functionalities such as diversity analyses, biomarker selection, function mining, and visualization. These functionalities are now available as interactive web-browser application for a broader user audience interested in extracting detailed information from high-throughput omics data sets pre-processed by oposSOM. It enables interactive browsing of single-gene and gene set profiles, of molecular

Creator: Henry Löffler-Wirth

Submitter: René Hänsel

All studies and research projects those data are hosted by the Leipzig Health Atlas should follow the FAIR standard. Thus, data are findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable. To follow the FAIR standard, all data need to be described by rich metadata, on the technical and semantical level. These metadata can then be used to query and search for data elements in a single study or over all studies.

We provide the LHA data portal allowing to searching and accessing data elements in single

Creator: Toralf Kirsten

Submitter: René Hänsel

This shiny app facilitates the download and searching of the summary statistics from "Dissecting the genetics of the human transcriptome identifies novel trait-related trans-eQTLs and corroborates the regulatory relevance of non-protein coding loci" (

Creators: Markus Scholz, Carl Beuchel, Holger Kirsten

Submitter: Carl Beuchel

This Shiny-App implements the calculation of several CAP (Community-Aquired-Pneumonia) severity scores for one or multiple patients based on user-updated data.

Creators: Markus Scholz, Maciej Rosolowski, Carl Beuchel

Submitter: Carl Beuchel

The platform is intended for visualization of expression- and mutation-driven changes in biological pathway activities in cancer datasets available in ICGC. The impact of somatic mutations on protein-protein interactions were calculated using Mechismo. Overall activity of biological pathway was evaluated using Pathway Signal Flow algorithm. The application provides interactive heatmaps for pathway output sink node activities and pathway images with mapped affected interactions and output node

Creators: Hans Binder, Siras Hakobyan

Submitter: Christoph Beger

By using the NLP4CR tool, medical facts (e.g. diagnoses, laboratory values) can be extracted from German medical full texts.

The NLP4CR tool is a prototype that demonstrates the applicability of Apache UIMA and cTakes to medical full texts in German language.

Creators: Matthias Löbe, Sebastian Stäubert, Colleen Goldberg

Submitter: Christoph Beger

Preprocessing Illumina HT12v4 gene expression data including quality filtering, data transformation and normalisation and batch-effect removal as well as visualisation

Creators: Markus Scholz, Holger Kirsten

Submitter: Christoph Beger

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