Regarding the current COVID-19 pandemic:

You can find all COVID-19 related contents of the Leipzig Health Atlas in our COVID-19 Leipzig project.

Bulletins of the Institute for Medical Informatics, Statistics and Epidemiology (IMISE) about the COVID-19 pandemic in Leipzig and Saxony:

2020-04-07 , 2020-04-13 , 2020-04-19 , 2020-04-26 , 2020-05-04

Additionally, there is an App "Covid-19 Viewer" available, which provides an intuitive and interactive tool to monitor the development of the pandemic in 188 countries using simple plots.

COVID-19 Viewer

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The Leipzig Health Atlas (LHA) is an alliance of medical ontologists, medical systems biologists and clinical trials groups to design and implement a multi-functional and quality-assured atlas. It provides models, data and metadata on specific use cases from medical research fields in which our team has scientific and clinical expertise. Two basic characteristics are:
  1. an interoperable ontology-based semantic platform to share highly annotated data, novel ontologies, usable models and working software tools;
  2. an advanced, application-oriented analytic pipeline for a clinical and scientific user community to provide disease-related phenotype classifications, omics based disease sub-classifications, risk predictions and simulation models for diseases and organ functions
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