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1p and 19q co-deletion acceptable change limit acquisition of phenotype data actigraph acylcarnitines addiction adenocarcinoma (in situ) adolescents adults advance care planning advance directives affect age aggressive lymphoma aggressive non-hodgkin's lymphoma aging alzheimer's disease ambulance management amino acids amyloid ankle-brachial index anthracyclines anthropometric data anthropometry antibiotic treatment antidepressant medication anxiety apache uima apc arachidonic acid arousal array-based comparative genomic hybri... associative memory asthma astrocytoma atrophy auditory evoked potentials automatic data processing b-cell lymphoma b-cell maturation backend development bdnf behavioral variant frontotemporal dem... bethesda guidelines bioconductor bioinformatics biomarker biomathematical model biomedical ontology biometry bipolar blood disturbances blood transcriptome blood-oxygenation-level dependent body height body mass index boolean implications brain brain arousal regulation brain connectivity brain tumor brain-derived neurotrophic factor brainstem brca1 brca2 breast cancer cancer cancer genetics cancer risk cancer syndromes cardiorespiratory fitness cardiotoxicity carotid artery plaque causal inference cdisc odm chemotherapy childhood obesity children choep cholinergic system chop chronotypes circadian rhythm cis-eQTL classification classifying cancer clinical diagnostic criteria clinical genetics clinical research informatics clinical trials co-regulated genes cognition cognitive abilities cognitive complaints cognitive control cognitive decline cognitive functioning cognitive functions cognitive neuropsychiatry cognitive reserve cognitive restrain cohort studies colloids colon cancer colorectal cancer colorectal neoplasm community-acquired pneumonia severity comt val158met confounding connectivity consciousness consense clustering construct validity coronary artery disease correlated gene sets coupling between energy metabolism an... cryptococcus neoformans crystalloids ctakes curating scientific data data errors data integration data sharing data visualization daytime sleepiness deep-brain stimulation demands dementia depression development dhea-s diabetes mellitus diagnostic criteria differentiation diffuse large B-cell lymphoma disinhibition dlbcl dna methylation dna methylation biomarkers dorsolateral prefrontal cortex dose-dense rituximab double-hit lymphoma drd4 exon iii vntr dried whole blood drug allergy early detection early intervention eating behaviour eating disorders ebv ecg edta-plasma education eeg eeg synchrony eicosanoids eigenvector centrality elderly eloreta emotion emotional eating environmental data epidemiology epigenetic reprogramming epigenetics epworth sleepiness scale eQTL errors eSNP estradiol estrogens evaluation event-related fmri excel executive functions exercise testing expression quantitative trait locus faces fair false discovery rate family-wise error fdg fdg-pet fertility filgrastim fmri follicular lymphoma format errors frequency frontotemporal lobar degeneration functional connectivity functional enrichment functional magnetic resonance imaging fungal allergy g-csf gene expression gene expression analysis gene expression profiles gene regulation gene regulatory networks gene signatures gene targeting general population genetic counselling genetic screening genetics genomic imbalances genomic range geriatrics germinal center glia glioblastoma glioma global workspace globus pallidus glycosylated hemoglobin gonadotoxicity grade 3 grading gray matter density gray matter volume grey matter atrophy gwas hand grip strength hashimoto's thyroiditis hboc head and neck squamous cell carcinoma head motion healthy adults heart failure hereditary hereditary cancer high dimensional data portraying hippocampal subfields hippocampus hnpcc hormonal transition periods human papillomavirus human study hydrocortisone hyperarousal hypothyroidism idh1 idh1 mutation igh illumina ht-12 v4 expression beadchips images imaging puls sequence immune editing immune suppression immunohistochemistry incidence incident dementia independent component analysis infections inflammation inflammatory cells information storage and retrival insomnia insulin integration approach integrative bioinformatics integrative scientific data management intensity dependence inter-assay precision inter-institutional workflows intima-media thickness intracranial ependymoma isocitrate dehydrogenase java knowledge bases language large B-cell lymphoma late life late life depression leukocyte subsets life life style lifestyle data lipolysis liquid biopsy logopenic progressive aphasia long-term survival longitudinal cohort study loudness dependence lps lymphoma lynch syndrome machine learning macrophages magnetic resonance imaging magnetization-prepared rapid gradient... major depression maldi malignant lymphomas manchester scoring system mania maximum oxygen uptake mci medial prefrontal cortex medical informatics medical sciences melanoma memory complaints mendelian randomisation menopause menstrual cycle mental demands meropenem meta-analysis metabolites metabolomics metadata metadata management metadata repository methylation of histone-lysine side ch... methylcap-seq mgmt microlesion effect mild cognitive impairment minor depression mismatch repair mismatch-repair defects mitosis models molecular function molecular oncology molecular profiling molecular subtypes monomorphic montreal neurological institute mood mood disorder morbidity morphology mortality motivation motor cortex motor part of unified parkinson's dis... motor skills moxifloxacin mQTL mri multicolor flow cytometry multivariate analysis mutation prevalences myc n1-p2 n100 natural language processing ncc neck metastasis network analysis neurobehavioral disorder neuroimaging neuron-specific enolase neurons neuropsychiatric disorders neuropsychiatry neuropsychology neurotransmitters nf-kb nicotinamide nlp non-coding RNA non-hodgkin lymphoma noncoronary atherosclerosis nonlinear lagged coherence normative data normative values novelty nse obesity occupation old people old-age oldest-old age oligodendroglioma organogenesis outcomes ovarian cancer ovarian failure overall survival p200 p53 parkinson's disease pathway activity pathway enrichment pathway signal flow pattern classification pbmc pct peak oxygen uptake pediatric pedunculopontine nucleus pegfilgrastim perception peripheral blood peripheral blood monocyte perl pet pharmacotherapy phenotyping phq-15 physical activity pipeline plasticity plasticity of cell function polygenetic regulation polymorphic polypharmacy population-based study power of attorney preclinical alzheimer's disease preprocessing prevalence prevention primary care primary progressive aphasia progesterone prognosis prognostic factors prognostic impact progression risk progression-free survival progressive nonfluent aphasia promoter methylation pseudotime psychological factors quantitative methylation-specific pcr questionnaire r r-chop radiofrequence coil recruitment reference data reference intervals regulation of gene expression relapse repeated measures analysis of variance response resting-state fmri restingstate restrained eating ricover-60 risk criteria risk factors rituximab rituximab dose rituximab pharmacokinetics rituximab toxicity rs-fmri rs4680 s100b schizophrenia screening secular trends self organizing maps self-regulation semantic dementia semantic errors septic shock sequencing seroreactivity serum serum marker severe sepsis sex shiny single-cell transcriptomics sleep sleep disturbance sleep quality small-vessel disease smoking snp social isolation social network socio-economic status sodium selenite som somatic mutations somatic symptoms spatial visualization specimen acquisition and tracking spss stability standard deviation stem cells stem-cell differentiation stemness step test study items subgenual prefrontal cortex subjective cognition subjective cognitive decline subjective cognitive impairment subjective memory complaints subthalamic nucleus support vector machine survey survival syntax errors testosterone text mining three-factor eating questionnaire thyroidperoxidase antibodies time trends tissue engineering tissue-specific tp53 tp53 mutation trans-cluster trans-eQTL transcriptomics translocation tumor progression tumor suppressor gene tumour heterogeneity ubiquitin uncontrolled eating user acceptance usp9x uterine cervical neoplasms validation vascular cognitive impairment vbm vigall vigall 2.1 vigilance vo2max vo2peak voice range profile voxel size voxel-based morphometry vsaq questionnaire web portal white matter disease white matter hyperintensities words work work environment work packages and tools workflow writers and erasers of epigenetic marks xiap ymca-step test
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