Molecular mechanisms in malignant lymphoma


The goal of this project is the molecular and genomic characterization of B-cell lymphoma. In combination with clinical and histopathological data, a better understanding of lymphomagenesis and lymphoma classification will be achieved.


During 2003 and 2011 the german cancer aid funded the molecular mechanisms in malignant lymphomas (MMML) project. It is based on strongly interacting networks of reference pathologists, lymphoma scientists, bioinformaticians and clinical trial groups. Within the project about 1000 lymphoma samples and controls were characterized by gene expression and copy number arrays. The datasets were supplemented by extensive histopathological and clinical descriptions of the lymphoma cases. The aim of the project was a detailed characterization of the molecular basis of lymphoma development and progression.

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  • German Cancer Aid

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Human Diseases: Non-hodgkin lymphoma

Health Atlas PALs: Markus Löffler

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Project created: 8th May 2019

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