GWAS Carotid Plaque Burden


The primary goal of this study was to identify genetic loci associated with carotid plaque burden (CPB) and to examine potential sex-specific genetic effects on plaque sizes. In a secondary analysis, we evaluated known genetic CAD and carotid plaque loci for association with our CPB traits to check for a genetic overlap with these traits.

We defined six operationalizations of CPB considering plaques in common carotid arteries, carotid bulb, and internal carotid arteries (maximal plaque area, mean plaque area, sum of plaque areas at all six regions, maximal degree of stenosis, mean degree of stenosis, and sum of stenosis at all six regions). Link to publication (PMID, DOI), Supplemental Figures and Tables, and Summary Statistics of GWAS will be made available upon acceptance of our manuscript.


OMICS Investigations

Projects: Genetical Statistics and Systems Biology, LIFE Adult, LIFE Heart

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Study type: Genetic study

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