Summary Statistic for PWV GWAS


Summary statistics from GWAS of baPWV, bfPWV, cfPWV
All samples (adjusted for age, sex and log_sys)

These data is intended for research purposes only.

Citation: tbc

When using this data acknowledge the source as follows: 'Data on PWV has been contributed by LIFE-Adult investigators and has been downloaded from'

For any enquiries about the datasets, please contact Michael Rode ( or Markus Scholz (


Files are in text delimited format and include:
Markername, chr, bphg19, effectallele, otherallele, effectallele_freq, info, n, beta, se, p

Health Atlas ID: 82VN93TGAD-9

Experimental assay

Michael Rode

Projects: Genetical Statistics and Systems Biology, LIFE Adult, LIFE Heart

Investigation: OMICS Investigations

Study: GWAS Pulse Wave Velocity

Resource type: Genome Wide Association

Technology type: SNP Array

Organisms: No organisms

Human Diseases: No human diseases

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Created: 1st Jul 2020 at 09:36

Last updated: 1st Jul 2020 at 10:02

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