Image data for comparison and validation of macrophage counting approaches in IHC stained tissue samples


Data used for mutual comparison of automated macrophage recognition approaches and validation against manual cell count

ROIs of size 600 x 900 px (0.109 mm^2) size were chosen from 25 expert-specified tumor subregions within DLBCL biopsy specimens. Images were generated by Hamamatsu Nanozoomer 2.0 RS slide scanner. ROI no. 1 - 25 represent staining with CD14 antibody (imaged at 488 nm wavelength), ROI no. 26 -- 50 represent staining with CD163 antibody (imaged at 555 nm wavelength). Imaged regions in ROIs no. 1 and 26, 2 and 27, ... , coincide.
Marcus Wagner
Contact Institution

Universität Leipzig, Institut für Medizinische Informatik, Statistik und Epidemiologie (IMISE), Härtelstr. 16 - 18, 04107 Leipzig

Sample Size
n = 25
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