Image data for comparison and validation of macrophage counting approaches in IHC stained tissue samples
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ROIs of size 600 x 900 px (0.109 mm^2) size were chosen from 25 expert-specified tumor subregions within DLBCL biopsy specimens. Images were generated by Hamamatsu Nanozoomer 2.0 RS slide scanner. ROI no. 1 - 25 represent staining with CD14 antibody (imaged at 488 nm wavelength), ROI no. 26 -- 50 represent staining with CD163 antibody (imaged at 555 nm wavelength). Imaged regions in ROIs no. 1 and 26, 2 and 27, ... , coincide. Data were used for mutual comparison of automated macrophage recognition approaches and validation against manual counts.

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