Expression data from cerebral tumors of WHO grade II and III


The goal of this study was to improve the stratification of patients with grade II/III gliomas to prognostic groups by molecular profiling.

Molecular profiling of cerebral gliomas distinguishes biologically distinct tumor groups and provides prognostically relevant information beyond histological classification and IDH1/2 mutation status. We performed microarray-based genome- and transcriptome-wide molecular profiling of primary tumor samples from 137 patients with cerebral gliomas, 61 WHO grade II and 76 WHO grade III tumors.
Overall Design

For this study, we screened prospectively recruited patients with a histopathological reference diagnosis of cerebral tumors of WHO grade II and III, known KPS at diagnosis, information on extent of resection by early postoperative neuroimaging, available frozen tissue specimens from the initial operation, and documented clinical outcome.

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Hans Binder
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N=137; n=64 Grad II n = 76 Grad III
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Level 1, 2, 3
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