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The eClaus model can be used to calculate mutation risks for BRCA1/2 as well as life-time risks for breast cancer in women from families with multiple and/or early onset cases of breast and ovarian cancer. The model can be used to assist genetic counselors in clinical decision making regarding genetic testing, intensified surveillance, and prophylatic surgery.

The Claus model is a genetic breast cancer risk calculation model assuming a single rare, highly penetrant gene. The extended version of the Claus model (eClaus), as implemented in the commercial pedigree drawing software CYRILLIC 2.1.3, calculates BRCA1/2 mutation probabilities and breast cancer risks for female individuals (test persons) based on their personal and familial cancer histories.


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Human Disease: Hereditary breast ovarian cancer syndrome

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Claus, E.B. et al. (1991 and 1994)

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