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trial data for the mental demandVariableMeaning Gender0=female1=maleMarital Status0 = married, living with partner1 = married and living separated, single, divorced, widowedEducation1 = low2 = medium3 = highEver_diabetes/ heart attack0 = no1 = yesDepression0 = no1 = yes

Creator: Christoph Engel

Submitter: René Hänsel

Data file type: Not specified

Background/Objective: The Life Orientation Test-Revised (LOT-R) is often used to assess dispositional optimism. The aims of this study were to test psychometric properties of the LOT-R, to provide normative scores, and to test the association between optimism and several psychological, sociodemographic, and behavioral factors. Method: A randomly selected German general population community sample with an age range of 18-80 years (N = 9,711) was surveyed. Results: The Confirmatory Factor Analysis

Creator: Andreas Hinz

Submitter: René Hänsel

Data file type: Clinical Data

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