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All studies and research projects those data are hosted by the Leipzig Health Atlas should follow the FAIR standard. Thus, data are findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable. To follow the FAIS standard, all data need to be described by rich metadata, on the technical and semantical level. These metadata can then be used to query and search for data elements in a single study or over all studies.

We provide the LHA data portal allowing to searching and accessing data elements in single

Creator: René Hänsel

Contributor: René Hänsel

Implementation of recently developed dynamic mathematical models of normal and leukemic hematopoiesis to practically impact clinical decision- making.

Fitting available individual patients information, prediction of next-cycle thrombopenia caused by CHOEP treatment based on the individual fits of the preceeding treatment cycles, changing next-cycle relative dosing, posponement of the next cycle, changing follow-up period, visualization of data and simulation

Creator: René Hänsel

Contributor: René Hänsel

This is a Drupal 8 Module to import nodes and taxonomies into Drupal, using the available API. The module is capable of importing a JSON or OWL file. Idea is to enable users to upload a file containing all information about nodes and their relations. The module will then import all contained information with the Drupal 8 API. Nodes can be specified as "articles" or any other custom node type. The node classification becomes one (or multiple) hierachical vocabulary. Supported import formats are

Creator: Christoph Beger

Contributor: Christoph Beger

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Creator: Henry Löffler-Wirth

Contributor: Henry Löffler-Wirth

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