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This is a set of MATLAB procedures for automated segmentation and counting of macrophages in multiple IHC stained tissue samples.
Execution assumes that three aligned single-channel greyscale images of a given tissue area are available, representing IHC stainings with CD14 and CD163 antibodies (targeting macrophages) as well as DAPI staining (targeting cell cores). After detection of evaluation subregion (based on DAPI channel information), IHC stained macrophages will be masked and counted (based

Creators: René Hänsel, Marcus Wagner

Contributor: René Hänsel

Large scale epidemiological studies, such as LIFE-ADULT, including thousands of participants with a multitude of novel QT assessments allow to define reference values. Reference values are typically used in quality control to find outliers in a specified data volume or to evaluate a given measurement value regarding its pathologic value. Measuring the hand grip strength is a standard assessment in LIFE, for which is no or little prior knowledge regarding reference values available.

Based on the

Creator: René Hänsel

Contributor: René Hänsel

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