How to contribute?

We are working on a solution to provide you with a form-based interface for the submission of new content.
In the meantime, the submission of content is done as follows:

As a contributor, you just have to grep the LHA Excel Template below and submit it to the LHA team. Whenever you decide to hand in an entity, you can generate respective LHA IDs below. For details on how to fill the Excel, see Guided Tour: Ontology-Based Specification and Import of Content Into the Leipzig Health Atlas.

For each entry, you have to decide if attachments, e.g., data sets with patient data, binaries of programmatic models or images, should be accessible by everyone, or if the access should be restricted to specific user groups (e.g., your research group or institute), determined by a whitelist.

After your submission, expect the following scenarios to occur:

  • People will download and try your provided public attachments.
  • Some of them will have a greater interest and will try to contact you to get more information or to pose questions.
  • A fraction of the interested people will cite you, or even want to start a cooperation.

LHA ID Generator

Specify the number of LHA-IDs to be generated.

Entity List

LHA-ID Title Content type
7Q0CV4F4MH-3 Intensive Insulin Therapy and Pentastarch Resuscitation in Severe Sepsis Publication
7QWM5X316P-7 Interactive Pathway Activity Analysis platform Model
7Q6RC7G1QR-2 In-vivo Dynamics of the Human Hippocampus across the Menstrual Cycle. Publication
7Q6RC6XGQQ-3 IT Infrastrukturen in der patientenorientierten Forschung. Aktueller Stand und Handlungsbedarf 2015 Publication
7QFYTCQMN4-6 Leipzig Melanoma Studies Project
7R9DE8FDC0-9 LHAhpv16classifier - gene expression based predictor of the HPV16 status and of the molecular subgroup (as reported in Wichmann et al. 2015) of head and neck tumor samples Model
7Q6PJD8NV3-2 LIFE Adult Study Project
7Q0CQXJ61X-5 LIFE Child Study Project
7Q0CR2P3M0-6 LIFE Head and Neck Group Project
7Q0AQTKU2T-9 LIFE Heart Study Project
7Q0CG2J40X-2 LIFE- Leipzig Research Center for Civilization Diseases, Leipzig University Project
7Q0CTG2M4D-2 Light-Weighted Automatic Import of Standardized Ontologies into the Content Management System Drupal. Publication
7R9DAYTU6R-4 Limited role for extended maintenance temozolomide for newly diagnosed glioblastoma. Publication
7T9X6W8XYN-6 Longitudinal anthropometry of children and adolescents using 3D-body scanning. Publication
7R9DC3R80M-4 Long-term survival in primary glioblastoma with versus without isocitrate dehydrogenase mutations. Publication
7Q0CR2P4G7-2 MabThera International Trial Project
7Q0CEYUHTD-2 Manchester Scoring System Model
7QHHGXYGPP-2 Mapping heterogeneity in patient-derived melanoma cultures by single-cell RNA-seq SOM Dataset
7Q0CR2P4D2-0 Mapping heterogeneity in patient-derived melanoma cultures by single-cell RNA-seq. Publication
7R9DC3WQRT-2 Massive transcriptional perturbation in subgroups of diffuse large B-cell lymphomas. Publication