How to contribute?

We are working on a solution to provide you with a form-based interface for the submission of new content.
In the meantime, the submission of content is done as follows:

As a contributor, you just have to grep the LHA Excel Template below and submit it to the LHA team. Whenever you decide to hand in an entity, you can generate respective LHA IDs below. For details on how to fill the Excel, see Guided Tour: Ontology-Based Specification and Import of Content Into the Leipzig Health Atlas.

For each entry, you have to decide if attachments, e.g., data sets with patient data, binaries of programmatic models or images, should be accessible by everyone, or if the access should be restricted to specific user groups (e.g., your research group or institute), determined by a whitelist.

After your submission, expect the following scenarios to occur:

  • People will download and try your provided public attachments.
  • Some of them will have a greater interest and will try to contact you to get more information or to pose questions.
  • A fraction of the interested people will cite you, or even want to start a cooperation.

LHA ID Generator

Specify the number of LHA-IDs to be generated.

Entity List

LHA-ID Title Content type
7Q0CV4F4C4-1 Haematotox calculator Model
7Q0CTG2P16-8 Haematotox calculator Project
7RVK32XTF3-8 Hand Grip Strength in Leipzig Model
7Q6RC8QTKJ-6 Higher body mass index is associated with reduced posterior default mode connectivity in older adults. Publication
7Q0CTG2NH7-5 HT12ProcessoR - Preprocessing gene expression Data from Illumina HT12v4 gene expression chips Model
7V40U479P6-4 Hypress Trail Data Clinical Dataset
7Q6RC62U5J-6 Identifying neural correlates of memory and language disturbances in herpes simplex encephalitis: a voxel-based morphometry (VBM) study. Publication
7Q6RC5Y8X7-9 Identifying neural correlates of visual consciousness with ALE meta-analyses. Publication
7Q0CFRJM87-6 IDH1 as prognostic factor in patients with brain tumors Clinical Dataset
7UARC221X1-7 Image data for comparison and validation of macrophage counting approaches in IHC stained tissue samples Clinical Dataset
7Q6RC6HAKW-9 Impact of Chronic Smoking on P3 Components in a Three-stimulus Oddball paradigm Publication
7R9DC2R6K6-5 Impact of compliance with infection management guidelines on outcome in patients with severe sepsis: a prospective observational multi-center study. Publication
7Q6RC6VCMK-3 Impact of genetic similarity on imputattion accuracy Publication
7Q6RC5N679-5 Impact of image acquisition on voxel-based-morphometry investigations of age-related structural brain changes. Publication
7Q6RC83JPD-2 Incident Subjective Cognitive Decline Does Not Predict Mortality in the Elderly--Results from the Longitudinal German Study on Ageing, Cognition, and Dementia (AgeCoDe). Publication
7Q6RC6F1A5-4 Incident subjective memory complaints and the risk of subsequent dementia. Publication
7Q6RC768E8-7 Incremental value of Veterans Specific Activity Questionnaire and the YMCA-step test for the assessment of cardiorespiratory fitness in population-based studies. Publication
7Q6RC98N98-6 [Indication and Evidence of Internationally Developed Online Coaches as Intervention for Mental Illness - a Meta-Review]. Publication
7RRNQ9WC7J-9 Individualized model-based managing of the next-cycle thrombopenia of CHOEP/CHOP treated patients based on platelets dynamics during the previous cycles Project
7Q0CTG2NX9-1 Integration of Genome-Wide SNP Data and Gene-Expression Profiles Reveals Six Novel Loci and Regulatory Mechanisms for Amino Acids and Acylcarnitines in Whole Blood. Publication