How to contribute?

We are working on a solution to provide you with a form-based interface for the submission of new content.
In the meantime, the submission of content is done as follows:

As a contributor, you just have to grep the LHA Excel Template below and submit it to the LHA team. Whenever you decide to hand in an entity, you can generate respective LHA IDs below. For details on how to fill the Excel, see Guided Tour: Ontology-Based Specification and Import of Content Into the Leipzig Health Atlas.

For each entry, you have to decide if attachments, e.g., data sets with patient data, binaries of programmatic models or images, should be accessible by everyone, or if the access should be restricted to specific user groups (e.g., your research group or institute), determined by a whitelist.

After your submission, expect the following scenarios to occur:

  • People will download and try your provided public attachments.
  • Some of them will have a greater interest and will try to contact you to get more information or to pose questions.
  • A fraction of the interested people will cite you, or even want to start a cooperation.

LHA ID Generator

Specify the number of LHA-IDs to be generated.

Entity List

LHA-ID Title Content type
7RRNQQR0QR-4 A biomathematical model of human thrombopoiesis under chemotherapy. Publication
7QGX8EWF74-4 Abschlussbericht Evaluation Metadata Repository (MDR-Eval) Publication
7R9DC0WDPM-5 Activating ERBB2/HER2 mutations indicate susceptibility to pan-HER inhibitors in Lynch and Lynch-like colorectal cancer. Publication
7Q6RC6YJXF-5 Adipose triglyceride lipase acts on neutrophil lipid droplets to regulate substrate availability for lipid mediator synthesis. Publication
7Q6RC9330K-5 Advance directives and power of attorney for health care in the oldest-old - results of the AgeQualiDe study. Publication
7Q6RC8J13Q-0 [Adverse drug reactions in elderly people : First data from the Leipzig Research Center for Civilization Diseases (LIFE)]. Publication
7Q6RC68DTV-7 Age- and gender-specific norms for the German version of the Three-Factor Eating-Questionnaire (TFEQ). Publication
7Q6RC8930X-3 Age-dependency of cardiac morphology and function: results of the LIFE-Adult-Study – analysis of the echocardiographic substudy Publication
7Q6RC99QA7-1 Alteration of Multiple Leukocyte Gene Expression Networks is Linked with Magnetic Resonance Markers of Prognosis After Acute ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction. Publication
7Q6RC78M3V-4 Alzheimer's Disease FDG PET Imaging Pattern in an Amyloid-Negative Mild Cognitive Impairment Subject. Publication
7Q6RC6405X-6 Analysis of asthma patients for cryptococcal seroreactivity in an urban German area. Publication
7Q0CHUQ9R3-9 Assess, compare and enhance the status of Persons with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in Europe: a European Register for MS. Publication
7Q6RC5QM53-3 Association between mental demands at work and cognitive functioning in the general population - results of the health study of the Leipzig research center for civilization diseases (LIFE). Publication
7Q0CHUQA0G-1 Association of Hippocampal Volumes with Cognitive Tasks in a Large Population-Based Cohort Publication
7Q6RC6DTC9-1 Association of the apolipoprotein E genotype with memory performance and executive functioning in cognitively intact elderly. Publication
7RUK6XGWGW-9 Associations of Sex Hormones and Anthropometry with the Speaking Voice Profile in the Adult General Population Clinical Dataset
7Q87GHNXYQ-9 Associations of Sex Hormones and Anthropometry with the Speaking Voice Profile in the Adult General Population. Publication
7Q6RC9ATW9-7 Atopic dermatitis is associated with autoimmune but not with cardiovascular comorbidities in a random sample of the general population in Leipzig, Germany Publication
7Q6RC8CH46-8 Atrophy and structural covariance of the cholinergic basal forebrain in primary progressive aphasia. Publication
7UACPJ4K8X-5 Automated macrophage counting in DLBCL tissue samples: a ROF filter based approach Publication