General Information

Number of samples: 275 (all replicates: 275)
Number of categories: 4
Number of genes: 16952
Analysis finished: Do Mai 22 02:39:49 2014 CEST

Dimension 1st level SOM: 50x50
Dimension 2nd level SOM: 50x50


1st Level SOM Analysis
These reports show the collection of first level SOM images of all tissue samples. Alternative SOM images are shown with different color scales and also as rank SOM using FC-, WAD-, and Shrinkage-t-scores. Further, supporting maps, entropy and topology profiles provide supplementary information about the 1st level SOM. 1st level SOM expression images     alternative color scales     rank profiles
1st level SOM expression images - group specific
Supporting Maps
Entropy Profiles     Topology Profiles

Sample Summaries
For each sample a report sheet is created which summarizes the most relevant information. browse sample report sheets

Gene Set Enrichment Analysis
Enrichment of predefined gene sets in the samples is calculated and visualized as heatmaps, profile plots and population maps. browse geneset analysis results

2nd Level Metagene Analysis
Several agglomerative methods based either on distance or on correlation metrics are applied to the samples using filtered subsets of metagenes. The reports show cluster heatmaps and dendrograms, pairwise correlation maps, correlation spanning trees and ICA results.
Second level SOM
Similarity based methods ( Neighbor Joining & Hierarchical Clustering )
Correlation based methods ( MST, Correlation Graphs, PCM )
Component based methods ( 2d-ICA, 3d-ICA )

3rd Level Spot Analysis
Different criteria of spot selection such as overexpression or mutual correlations between the metagenes where applied. Summary sheets of integral SOM maps and subsequent analyses base on this third level information. browse spot report sheets