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SOM Analysis

These reports comprise the SOM portraits in standard and alternative color scales, as well as supporting maps and profiles which provide supplementary information about the 1st level SOM.

Sample Summaries

Summary page for the individual samples.

Geneset Enrichment Analysis

Functional analyses using predefined gene sets. The results are visualized in terms of heatmaps, profile plots and population maps.

Pathway Signal Flow (PSF) Analysis

Functional analyses mapping gene expression values into KEGG pathways. PSF analyses are performed on single sample and on group level.

Sample Similarity Analyses

Sample similarity analyses based on expression module data and metagene data using different metrics and algorithms.

Euclidean Distance based approaches:

Correlation based approaches: Component Analysis:

Expression Module Analysis

Different criteria of spot module definition such as overexpression or mutual correlations between the metagenes where applied. The reports comprise integrated portraits, functional analyses.

Analyses based on PAT-wise aggregated data, including clustering dendrogram, portraits and assotiation to the sample groups.
PATs were defined using overexpression approach.

Group Analyses

Analyses based on group-wise aggregated data, including portraits, clustering and functional analyses.