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Work Package 3: Application Integration and Community Construction


Once applications are specified in WP2 (models, data, metadata) WP3 takes over and implements the application for the user community. This requires data management tasks like curating the data and metadata before uploading, obtaining the permission from the data owners, secondary pseudonymizations/blinding and checking annotations. This also requires to provide the algorithms of models in a quality assured way. potentially obeying MPG-regulations.

Project Area Projects

Project 3.1: Model integration and MPG-quality documentation (FM)

The task is to provide a consistent and high-quality controlled programming of the algorithmic tools that will be made publically available. While the program routines are mostly developed in and for each application in WP 2, we will guide and help with the implementation in this task. To end with high-quality programming routines we will check them for both, the programming style and their correctness (test cases and functional tests).