Project Areas

Project Area 1: Semantic data integration, ontologies and mining services

The overall goal of this project area is to provide methods to semantically integrate and provide access to relevant data and metadata from selected resources (see projects 1.2 and 1.3). Original data are provided by several epidemiological and clinical trials and competence networks. Providing these data semantically necessitates the integration of raw data and analysis results together with corresponding metadata. Moreover, we will annotate metadata and instances, i.e., create links to other possibly external data resources (e.g.

Project Area 3: Application Integration and Community Construction

Once applications are specified in WP2 (models, data, metadata) WP3 takes over and implements the application for the user community. This requires data management tasks like curating the data and metadata before uploading, obtaining the permission from the data owners, secondary pseudonymizations/blinding and checking annotations. This also requires to provide the algorithms of models in a quality assured way. potentially obeying MPG-regulations.