Methods & Phenotypes


Claus models breast cancer in terms of a single, rare, highly penetrant gene.The extended version of the Claus model, as implemented in the commercial pedigree drawing software CYRILLIC 2.1.3, calculates BRCA1/2 mutation probabilities and breast cancer risks for female individuals (test persons) based on their personal and familial history of breast and ovarian cancer.

GC-HBOC Mutation Frequency Explorer

GC-HBOC-MFE characterises the mutation prevalences in different family constellations with breast and ovarian cancers (BCOC) for different BCOC related genes (e.g. BRCA1, BRCA2, CHEK2, RAD51C,...) . Data stem from about 40.000 families that were gathered since 1996 in a clinical setting by the GC-HBOC, comprising full pedigrees with cancer status of all individual members at the time of first counselling, and the mutation status of the index patient.

Hand Grip Strength in Leipzig

We mapped measured hand grip data of the large LIFE Adult population (10,000 participants) onto the Leipzig map. In particular, we locate each participant at the time of participation in Leipzig and, thus, can derive hand grip strength averages (incl. mean, median) per specific city districts. The resulting data can be filtered by age bands and gender.

Interactive Pathway Activity Analysis platform

The platform is intended for visualization of expression- and mutation-driven changes in biological pathway activities in cancer datasets available in ICGC. The impact of somatic mutations on protein-protein interactions were calculated using Mechismo. Overall activity of biological pathway was evaluated using Pathway Signal Flow algorithm. The application provides interactive heatmaps for pathway output sink node activities and pathway images with mapped affected interactions and output node activities.


MMRpredict is a risk prediction model for patients with colorectal cancer only (Barnetson et al. 2006). It calculates the risk for having a mutation in MLH1, MSH2 and MSH6 (combined) based on the history of colorectal and endometrium cancers in the family (stage 1).