Scientific Objectives

Systems medicine and translational medicine is aiming at unraveling disease pathogenesis, diagnostic segregation of heterogeneous diseases, prognostication of disease progression and side effects, and search for tailored treatments to be tested in clinical trials. Novel molecular-genetic and phenotyping technologies have permitted to gather rich multi-layered data sets. A major challenge is to integrate data and analyses to arrive at novel and selective medical decision models for stratified medicine. One bottleneck is integrative data semantics.

The interdisciplinary project “Leipzig Health Atlas” (LHA) forms an alliance of medical ontologists, medical systems biologists and clinical trial groups to tackle these issues. We focus on areas in which our team has scientific and clinical expertise. The Leipzig Health Atlas will

  1. provide an interoperable ontology-based semantic platform to share highly annotated data, novel ontologies, usable models and working software tools;
  2. provide advanced, application-oriented analytic pipeline for a clinical and scientific user community to provide disease-related phenotype classifications, omics based disease sub-classifications, risk predictions and simulation models for diseases and organ functions.

LHA is attractive for other systems medicine groups to use the material and also provide their results and tools and thereby become a provider of integrative data semantics.

Medical and scientific users will have access using a web-based platform to models, methods (algorithms, tools), data and metadata. Models and data will be curated.